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Our Products


Point of Sale/Warehouse/Store Management

AITL POS is a feature-rich application that creates transparency and efficiency in operation, minimize losses, optimize stock levels and improves decision making.


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

AITL ERP consolidates sales and inventory information on a real time basis. This minimizes losses, reduces overhead and improves decision making.

How simply AITL's ERPPOSCRMVMS can be customised & integrated

Truly a global solution with expert consultants worldwide ready to meet your needs.

What our customers say...

“Amazing piece of kit, a must have for all budding entrepreneurs. Don’t waste your time like I did trying to use what others think you should use instead get it customised the way you want it from the get go.”

“AITL’s ERP system changed how I manage business. Before I was using ten different tools. Now I have everything in one place.”

“The customizable system makes integration of my production facility with HOs, which used to be cumbersome processes, very easy. Their modules are highly customizable and user friendly.”

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